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Case History

Eileen McKenzie Fowler has found that, despite being a couple of hundred years after the fact, there are instances where the heirs of lands granted 200 years ago or more, are being paid royalty interests today from wells being drilled on their ancestors' land. Eileen Fowler possesses all of the resources to take whatever legal steps are necessary to promote the family's recovery efforts.

Her proven record in bringing justice to the underdog serves her well when meeting and organizing family groups of up to 100 individual members, as well as smaller groups. To date, she has successfully represented hundreds of South Texas families. She has a system of helping families unite and work together to keep the costs down for each family member. She has committed herself to helping as many South Texas families as possible, because she wants to see justice done.

Eileen Fowler has represented, and/or is currently representing heirs and family members of the following land grant recipients, among others:

Valentin De Las Fuentes Group 1-Forming
Santos Alarcon, Surveys 310, 312, 314, 436, Brooks County
Manuel Barrera, "La Tinaja de Lara," Jim Wells County
Jose Vasquez Borrego, "Hacienda de Dolores," Webb and Zapata Counties
Joaquin Chapa, Porcion 58, Starr County
Bartolome Cuellar, Porcion 37, Zapata County
Joaquin Cuellar, Porcion 35, Zapata County
Jose Antonio Cuellar, "Palo Blanquito," Duval County
Blas Maria de la Garza Falcon, "El Chiltipin" and "San Francisco," Kleberg and Nueces Counties
Joaquin Galan, "Balconcitos" and "Palafox," Dimmitt and Webb Counties
Nicolas Garcia y Garcia, "Las Animas," Jim Hogg County
Francisco de la Garza Martinez, Porciones 80 & 81, Starr County
Francisco de la Garza Ballesteros, Porcion 78, Mier, and Purchaser of Porcion 111, Camargo
Jose Domingo Gonzalez, "Las Pintas," Webb County
Margarita Gonzalez, Porcion 103, Starr County
Ramon Gonzalez, Porcion 70, Starr County
Juan Jose Guerra, "El Tule" or "Charco Redondo," Brooks County
Antonio Martinez Gutierrez, "Blas Maria," Zapata County
Bartolome Gutierrez, Porcion 16, Zapata County
Bernardo AKA Bernave Gutierrez, Porcion 14, Zapata County
Clemente Gutierrez, Porciones 15 & 41, Zapata County
Pedro Longoria, Porcion 94, Starr County
Vicente Longoria, Porcion 93, Starr County
Pablo Mendiola, Porcion 59, Webb and Zapata Counties
Francisco Montalbo, "Las Viboritas, Santa Rita y Loma del Sordo," Jim Hogg County
Felipe de la Pena, "Las Animas" or "Alberca de Abajo," Jim Hogg and Webb Counties
Jacinto de la Pena, Porcion 25, Zapata County
Cristobal Ramirez, Porciones 17 & 18, Zapata County
Jose Miguel Ramirez, "Agua Nueva de Arriba," Jim Hogg County
Miguel Saenz, Porcion 73, Starr County
Vicente Sais AKA Saenz, "La Sal Colorada," Jim Hogg and Starr Counties
Bartolome Trevino, Porcion 97, Starr County
Jose Ygnacio Trevino, Porciones 96, 97, 98, 99 and 100, Starr County
Lazaro Vela, Porcion 57, Starr County
Pedro Vela, Porcion 34, Zapata County
Salvador Vela, Porcion 90, Starr County
Ventura Vela, Porcion 84, Starr County
Juan Antonio Vidaurri, Porciones 39 & 40, Zapata County
Anastacio Villarreal, Porcion 43, Hidalgo and Starr Counties
Juan Flores de Villarreal, Porcion 87, Starr County
Jose Marcelo Ynojosa, "Palo Blanco," Brooks, Duval and Jim Hogg Counties
Juan Pantaleon Ysaguirre, Porcion 56, Starr County

The attorney has done extensive research on all of 'los porciones', and most Spanish and Mexican land grants in South Texas. If you know that your ancestor received a Spanish or Mexican land grant - between 1750 and 1850 - or a Porcion along the Rio Grande border during the same period, and you would like to have the attorney review your information, you may click on the Contact Form link, fill it out completely and send it via e-mail, fax, or U. S. Mail.

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